Renters Insurance San Diego, CA

CIG Renters InsuranceWhether you rent an apartment, condo or house in San Diego or anywhere throughout California, CIG Renters Insurance policies insure your personal property and protect you against an accident on your premises or against a break-in. CIG San Diego Renters Insurance offers thorough and affordable protection for your belongings and income.

Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building you live in and common areas. Without renters insurance in San Diego, the condition of your personal belongings and valuables are not covered in your landlord’s insurance. Are you prepared for fires, water damage, or possibly even the case of a destructive earthquake? With CIG Renters Insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that you chose one of the finest renter's insurance policies available in San Diego, CA or anywhere in California.

Stop by today and see how much we can save you on your renters insurance in San Deigo, CA. Our office is located at:

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You might be a careful person with concern for safety, but what about everybody else? The undeniable truth is that accidents do happen, and what happens to your neighbor can have a huge impact on your life. What would you do if the apartment below you goes up in flames and spreads to your place? All your belongings and valuables would be destroyed. You might also suffer a setback if your neighbor comes over and slips on your floor. You can be held liable for damages to another person’s property or even injury to another person if the incident happened in your rented residence. CIG San Diego Renters Insurance insures your valuables and protects you in the case of a negligence lawsuit if anybody should ever be injured in the property that you rent.

San Diego Renters Insurance covers:

  • Computers and equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Television
  • Stereo
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • And these are just to name a few items

Plus, flexible options customized to your needs:
If you have items that you would like to have covered that are not covered by your basic CIG Renters Insurance, those items can be added to your policy to ensure that all your valuables are completely covered.

*Some items may require an additional fee.

Are you both a renter and driver in San Diego, CA or anywhere else in California? Take advantage of up to 25% with discounts and combine your policy coverage under a single CIG RENT+AUTO™ account, . Your account qualifies you to take advantage of our convenient option for combining both policies into a single, convenient monthly installment bill. Plus, it qualifies you for additional liability coverage — CIG Net Worth Defense.™