Home Appliance Insurance

The home appliance & Electronic Breakdown (HAEB) endorsement is available for homeowner’s
Policies new or renewing in California, Nevada and Oregon.  This broadening endorsement protects your property up to $50,000 in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown.

-it is available for a nominal fee of $27.00 annually per policy.  There is no service charge involved but it does come with a $500.00 deductible per occurrence. HAEB includes the following protection.

-$50,000 limit of liability for the repair or replacement of covered property

-$3,000 for expediting expenses

-$3,000 for spoilage of perishable goods in the event a refrigerator or freezer breaks down

-$3,000 pollution clean up

Here are some examples of the items covered.

Part of The Dwelling

  • Boilers, heat pumps and furnaces
  • A/C units
  • Water heaters
  • Pools/spa
  • Built in appliances
  • Submersible pumps

Personal Property

  • Computer systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Plasma and all television types
  • Refrigerators or convection ovens
  • Washers/dryers

Basic exclusions include:

  • items excluded in the homeowners policy
  • wear and tear
  • deterioration, erosion and corrosion
  • not a maintenance policy