Condominium Insurance San Diego, CA

CIG covers residents of San Diego, CA and all across California who own condominiums with the same thoroughness and depth of coverage found in all CIG insurance policies. Most condominium organizations protect the owner from damages to the structure of the building and common areas, but not the condo unit itself nor any property within the condo. A CIG San Diego Condo Insurance policy covers the costs of replacing the interior infrastructure and contents of your condominium. Having a CIG San Diego Condo Insurance policy can protect you from any potential shortcomings of your particular condominium organization, so you won’t be stuck dealing with the red tape of an association. Your condominium might already be insured by a condo or townhouse association, or be part of a planned community or cooperative, but it is your responsibility to protect your unit and personal property against loss or damage from a number of specified causes. That’s why CIG’s mission to provide the right amount of insurance has been such a hit with the residents of California and San Diego. CIG's Condo Insurance is the difference between feeling secure and being secure.

Stop by today and see how much we can save you on your condo insurance in San Deigo, CA. Our office is located at:

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San Diego CA 92108

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San Diego Condo Insurance Coverage:

  • Contents replacement
  • Special property coverage for structure
  • Coverage for specified items

CIG insures your condo against damage or loss caused by:

  • Fire or smoke
  • Theft or destruction due to vandalism or malicious mischief
  • Water damage due to overflows, bursting of pipes or hot water tank
  • Natural disasters, due to perils such as wildfire, lightning, freezing, snow, ice, hail or winds
  • Explosions or falling objects
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Vehicle damage