Want to quit? Start exercising!

You’ve been told a thousand times, “You should quit!” and you know that it’s true, but doing it is so much different than saying it.  There are many people that feel that there is no way they can kick their addiction to tobacco. Even the feeling of the cigarette between your fingers can be difficult to go without. A recent study has shown that exercise is a verifiable and dependable way to help you kick the habit.

First, when you are exercising it is pretty difficult to smoke. So, throughout the time that you are exercising you are going to have to go without a cigarette.  You will also find that exercise is a great way to relieve stress. When you want to smoke because you are stressed, try exercising instead.

Exercise is a great natural remedy to help you stop smoking.  Not only will exercise help you quit smoking, but you will also find that you reap a wide variety of benefits while you are exercising. If you have been gaining weight as a result of a minimized amount of smoking, exercise may help you get those extra pounds off.  You will also be strengthening the muscles throughout your body and you will also be able to sleep better when you exercise during the day.

So, give it a try! All you need to do is head out and exercise for 20-30 minutes at a time, three to four times a week. Of course, before you start any type of exercise regimen, you should talk with your doctor to ensure that your body is cut out for the task.

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