Benefits of Term Life Insurance

As you are shopping for life insurance, do not forget to investigate your term life insurance options.  Term life insurance may end up being the life insurance policy that is going to work the best for your needs. Unfortunately, many people overlook term policies because they are used to investigating the whole life insurance policies.

Term life insurance can minimize the cost of your life insurance.  While whole life insurance can be quite pricey, term life insurance can provide you the coverage that you need at a fraction of the cost. When you sign up for a term life insurance policy, you simply start paying a monthly premium that is based on the term length you have chosen and the coverage that you have picked out. When you are choosing your term, you can opt for a different increments of time and your coverage can extend anywhere from $100,000 to several million dollars.

Term life insurance is a great way to provide for short term needs. Some people choose to buy term life insurance that extends for a length of time matching an extended cost such as a mortgage or college tuition.  This way, they can be sure that the money that they are providing does not stop if something should happen to them.

Term life insurance may be the answer to your life insurance problems. But don’t take our word for it! Find out if term life insurance is the type of insurance that you want or the type of insurance that you need.

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Cool off this summer with these activity ideas

There are some days throughout the summer that it may just be too excruciatingly hot to spend a lot of time outside.  When you and your kids are stuck inside because the heat is too much, you should have some activities on hand, to ensure you and your kids don’t get stir crazy.

  1. Have a watermelon eating contest.  Throw your watermelon in the refrigerator for a few hours, to make sure it is nice and cold when you are eating the watermelon. Cut it into a few big slices and then make up some fun rules. Maybe everyone will have to keep their hands behind their back as they try to eat through their watermelon. It will keep you outside for just enough time to eat the watermelon, get messy and head back into your air conditioned home.
  2. Start a crafting project that your kids are excited about. There are crafts that are specifically designed for children to be able to do more than once. Finding a craft that can be assembled, disassembled and assembled again can be a great way to keep the attention of your kids.
  3. Build a tent city in your living room. Get blanks, chairs and couches together to create the ultimate tent city.  Then, when you have your tent built and everyone is happy with the tent, have a movie night under the tent or have story time under the tent.

The next time that it gets too hot outside, you may end up having more fun with your kids than you would have had if you were able to spend the day outside!

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Traveler Insurance for the Summer Vacationer

Summer time is a great time to vacation. People around the world pack up their bags and head off to the airport with the excited butterflies stirring in their stomach and dreams of their foreign destination ebbing into their thoughts. The idea of a summer vacation is almost romantic. Taking time off from work, enjoying something new, something old, something foreign or something familiar can be the perfect reprieve from everyday life.

The money that goes into vacation is hard earned and you should be sure that your money is being spent wisely. As you get ready for your vacations, do not forget about travelers insurance. With so many people booking their vacations online, it has become common for people to click through the option of travellers insurance without even giving it second thought.

Realistically, travelers insurance can save your entire vacation. Here are some scenarios in which travelers insurance would save your vacation…

  1. A medical emergency prevents you from leaving in the first place. Or, you need emergency medical treatment in a foreign country for a medical emergency.
  2. Political unrest or terrorist activity starts to occur in a city that you had booked a vacation to and you no longer feel safe travelling to that destination.
  3. While on vacation, you find that your wallet and/or passport have been stolen.
  4. A natural disaster forces evacuation of your hotel, resort or cruise ship.
  5. You get to your destination and find that your bags had other travel plans and are not at your baggage claim.

So, before you get starry eyed about your summer vacation purchase travelers insurance. Then, you will be able to rest easily, knowing your vacation time and plans are safe.

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Safe Exercise in the Summer Heat

Exercising in the summer is just as important as exercising any other time of the year.  When you are exercising on a consistent basis throughout the summer, you can be sure that you are able to stay healthy. Some people do not realize that when they exercise outdoors in the summer, some serious threats to their health can occur.  So, if you are heading outside to exercise this summer, it is important that you remember to…

  • Exercise during a reasonable time of the day.  The hottest time of the day is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Exercising before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m. will ensure that you are not exposing yourself to dangerous temperatures while you are exercising.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Wearing light-colored clothing that is loose will enable you to reflect heat. There is exercise equipment that has been designed to keep the wearer as cool as possible. Look into purchasing the appropriate gear for your type of exercise.
  • Staying hydrated before you exercise and after you are done exercising will ensure that you do not become dehydrated while you are exercising.  It is important to take note of how much water you are drinking and make yourself drink, even if you are not thirsty.
  • Listen to your body throughout your workout.  If you feel that you need to stop, do not be afraid to stop.  Your body will tell you when you have pushed yourself too hard.

When you make sure that you are exercising safely, you can receive all of the benefits of exercise without dipping too far into the risks.

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4th of July Travel Safety

The holidays provide awesome opportunities to get together with old friends, spend time with loved ones or simply take a break from work. During any holiday season, whether it be Christmas or the 4th of July, there is a definite increase in travellers. When you are travelling during a holiday season, you should prepare yourself to ensure you are safe. Whether you are flying, driving or boating, you want to make sure that you know how you are going to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe. This way, you will be able to arrive in a timely manner and be able to relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation time.

If you are travelling by car you should…

  • Make sure your vehicle is working properly before you leave
  • Always wear your seat belt, drive the speed limit and only drive when you are able to be alert and pay attention to the road
  • Pay attention to the road
  • If you are travelling for a long distance, make frequent stops to switch drivers or rest and rejuvenate

If you will be travelling in a plane you should…

  • Plan enough time to get to the airport
  • Be prepared to spend time getting through the airport
  • Pack and plan with age appropriate activities for those you are travelling with
  • Have a plan in case a flight is cancelled or a flight is delayed

Travelling during the holiday season can be crazy, but you should be sure that you are travelling safely.  Take time to plan your trip to ensure you and your family make it to your destination safely.

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Rental Property Insurance

Do you own a vacation home or investment property you regularly rent out? If you answer yes you need to need to be aware of the importance and benefits of rental property insurance.  Homeowners insurance policies cover damage to home, break ins, medical and legal bills from an individual becoming injured on your property. However homeowners insurance covers “owner occupied single family dwellings”.

When renting a home the basic homeowners policy will not cover the needs in the event of an insurance claim. Tenants and renters also typically do not care for the home as well as  you would for it yourself. Tenants also may ignore and not report needed maintenance that could lead to  damage and the need to make a claim. Which makes insuring the rental property correctly even that much more important. In addition to rental property insurance for your self, it is also recommended to require tenants to obtain their own renters insurance to protect their belongings and relieve you of a portion of liability.

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CIG has 200 Percent Replacement Cost on All Home Policies

It is always a good idea to review your homeowner’s insurance policy at least once a year and/or make sure your agent is doing it. Make sure you are properly/correctly insured. What I mean by that is not too much or not enough insurance on the dwelling. Some companies only provide 100 up to 150 percent replacement cost. Because of this they have to provide more insurance on the home. CIG has 200 percent replacement cost on all home policies. This mean is the home is insured for $200,000 that in the event of a total loss CIG will pay all the way up to $400,000 if necessary. This is a nice feature of the CIG home policy…We properly and correctly insure your home rather than overinsuring it. To find out more please call us at 619-326-8383 for policy questions in California or Nevada.

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Home Appliance insurance Policy in San Diego

Does your homeowners insurance company offer any type of warranty for your major appliances? like air conditioning compressors, washers and dryers, dishwashers or refrigerators? to name a few.. Well CIG Insurance does and it is a very inexpensive way to cover the major items in your home against sudden and accidental breakdown. The cost is about $27.00 a year. There is no service charge involved…All that is required is opening up a claim to investigate and if it is not a wear and tear issue that caused the breakdown then the coverage would apply. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us at 619-326-8383…and for now happy homes!

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Understanding your Auto Insurance Policy

Looking at your auto insurance policy can be overwhelming and confusing when you do not know what you are looking at. It is important to what your policy is telling you and what is covered and what is not. Many insurance policies use legal terms which make it more confusing for the average person to interpret. It is a good idea to ask your agent to cover your policy with you so you can be fully aware of your policy.

Declarations are the area of the policy that are specific to you. Declarations include information like your name, vehicle identification numbers, address and other insureds on your policy. This area will also find the policy limits you have elected.The insuring agreement portion depicts coverages you have purchased. The insuring agreement outlines the coverage your insurance company has guaranteed with the coverages you have selected and your payment of premiums.Exclusions explains the items not covered with the policy you have selected.

The conditions section will illustrate the legal obligations of the insured and insurance company are to keep the policy in force or steps in filing a claim.

Definitions are usually the fine print of the insurance policy. This section will state the rights of the insured and insurance company.

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Rental Property Insurance A.K.A. a Dwelling Fire Policy

Rental Property Insurance A.K.A. a Dwelling Fire Policy. For those that live in a primary home and own and rent out other properties. We at CIG have a very comprehensive and very, very competitively priced Dwelling Fire Policy. You as the insurance buying consumer can choose deductibles, personal property coverages and any additional coverages that you feel are necessary. For example you can customize your policy for the dollar amount of coverage you want to carry for the items that own and leave in the home for the renter’s use. Items such as Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove and Dishwasher to name a few. If you ever have any questions about this coverage please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime at 619-326-8383…so for now Happy Insurance!

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