How to design a fire escape plan

Creating a workplace fire escape plan is just as important as creating one in your home. Your employees should know what they are to do and where they are to go, in order to stay safe. When you are creating a fire escape plan you should…

  1. Start by creating and distributing an employee contact list along with an employee schedule.  You should know which employees are inside of the building at any given time throughout the day. This way, should there be a fire you will know who is inside and you can verify who was able to make it out safely.
  2. Choose an individual with strong leadership skills to be in charge of directing an emergency evacuation. A chain of command should also be chosen to ensure that there is always someone in charge of getting people out of the building safely.
  3. Create and distribute a map of the entire workplace that has each entry and exit point marked clearly. The maps should be handed out and also posted around the office.
  4. Schedule fire drills on a regular basis. Check the alarms and ensure that employees know where they are supposed to be going when they hear the fire alarms start to go off.
  5. Designate a meeting place a safe distance from the building.
  6. Create an exit plan for all of your employees, ensure that any employee with special needs has an exit plan that they can understand.

Keep your workplace safe and plan for emergencies early. This way, should a fire ever occur in your office place, you will know what to do.

photo credit: Alan R. Light via photo pin cc

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