Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

We all know that we should never drink and drive. As we teach the next generation the importance of only driving when sober, it is important to know the facts. Explaining the facts can provide those up and coming drivers with the ability to understand the severity of drunk driving.

Drunk driving puts everyone on the road at risk.  In a single vehicle crash a drunk driver is 385 times more likely to die than a sober driver. With even the consumption of two beers, it is likely that many drivers will lose some judgment while driving and have trouble doing more than one task at a time.

Men are more likely than women to drink and drive. Talking with the young men that are assimilating into society and helping them understand the serious nature of drinking and driving may prevent injuries, accidents and even deaths in years to come.

Drunk driving is never okay. In 2010 there were about 112 million incidents of drunk driving that occurred in the United States, although this number has decreased by 30% in the past five years, we still have too many people drinking and driving. Make a personal choice to never drink and drive and to help those around you do the same.

If you are hosting a party it is important that you are responsible and that you help those that have had too much to drink.  Don’t let them drive and try to make sure that there are others helping you with this task. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. Knowing the severity of the consequences is a great way to educate those that are up and coming drivers.

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