Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

We all know that we should never drink and drive. As we teach the next generation the importance of only driving when sober, it is important to know the facts. Explaining the facts can provide those up and coming drivers with the ability to understand the severity of drunk driving.

Drunk driving puts everyone on the road at risk.  In a single vehicle crash a drunk driver is 385 times more likely to die than a sober driver. With even the consumption of two beers, it is likely that many drivers will lose some judgment while driving and have trouble doing more than one task at a time.

Men are more likely than women to drink and drive. Talking with the young men that are assimilating into society and helping them understand the serious nature of drinking and driving may prevent injuries, accidents and even deaths in years to come.

Drunk driving is never okay. In 2010 there were about 112 million incidents of drunk driving that occurred in the United States, although this number has decreased by 30% in the past five years, we still have too many people drinking and driving. Make a personal choice to never drink and drive and to help those around you do the same.

If you are hosting a party it is important that you are responsible and that you help those that have had too much to drink.  Don’t let them drive and try to make sure that there are others helping you with this task. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. Knowing the severity of the consequences is a great way to educate those that are up and coming drivers.

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Maintain Your Car to Save Money

Maintain Your Car to Save Money

Our cars are a big part of who we are. They allow us to get to our destinations, add to our own personalities, and all have their own quirks that make them special (or annoying) to us.

One of the best things that you can do to save money with your car is to maintain it on a regular basis.

Begin by servicing your car regularly. Replace important fluids in order to keep them fresh, change your oils, and rotate and balance tires.

Doing all of this will take some of the normal wear and tear off of your car. It is also a good idea to check on your battery every year in order to make sure that it can hold a viable charge and won’t die when trying to start the car.

Check your belts and fans as well. Look for early warning signs, both audible and visual, in order to evaluate if a belt or a fan is having trouble. Fix or replace things as necessary, preferably before they break and create more extensive repair needs overall.

When it all comes down to it, maintaining your car is an investment that you make. By putting in time and effort to keep the car in good condition, you can be assured that it will break down far less often, and that its value will be retained as well.

It definitely is an ongoing process, but it is one that you will be glad that you took part in!

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Why Buy Life or Health Insurance?

Why Buy Life or Health Insurance?

Insurance policies are in the business of preserving your assets. In a lot of cases you get insurance to help you repair or replace a particularly expensive item, should it get damaged. Cars, boats and houses are classic examples of insurance policies taken out purely to cover potential future costs of repairing or replacing these items. It makes you wonder then why do people buy insurance to cover some other things that we don’t necessarily think of as expensive.

Life insurance is a great example of this. Your life was given to you for free. You didn’t pay a dime to be born. No fees were paid to allow you to grow a year older every birthday. Although you pay money to maintain life—i.e. buying food, clothes and shelter— there were never any expenses permitting you to grow up. Why then are people buying it? For the same reasons, why do people buy health insurance if you never paid a bill to be healthy?

Your life is an asset. Your health is an asset. Your very existence tells of future potential. Your body and mind has the ability to go to work every day. They have the potential of earning you and your family a paycheck to get you through your days. Should either your life be taken away from you, your family could lose the asset of your work, leaving them penniless and in need. Purchasing good life and health insurance helps you either keep paying the bills, or get you back to full health quickly by getting you the medical care you need to recover.

So even though you didn’t purchase your life or your health, it is still worth a lot to a few people. Having the right insurance will help you pay for unplanned, expensive bills that will come from accidents.

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What are the top 10 most expensive cars to insure?

What are the top 10 most expensive cars to insure?


Insurance rates are notorious for rising for every detail of your car that makes it fun. The more expensive the car is, the more expensive your insurance. The faster it can go, the more expensive your insurance. The more notorious it is, the more expensive your insurance. This means that people wanting an Audi R8 Spyder Convertible in perfect imitation of Tony Stark’s from Iron Man are going to have to pay a pretty penny to insure their car. The fact that its 525 horsepower engine can rocket you from 0 to 60 in just 4.1 seconds is only compounded by its $187,000 price tag and notoriety created from the Marvel film. Every one of those elements combine to create an insurance bill priced at $3,384. It is an expensive beauty to drive, but the image it creates and the thrill you get is worth every penny.

It just so happens that that car is the number 1 car on this list of ten. The list continues as follows:

2. Mercedes-Benz CL600 – $3,307

3. Mercedes-Benz C600 – $2,948

4. Audi R8 – $2,903

5. Porsche Panamera Turbo – $2,738

6. BMW 750i Hybrid – $2,701

7. Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible – $2,674

8. Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible – $2,674

9. Mercedes CL65 AMG – $2,669

10. BMW 750Li Hybrid – $2,641

Now you might be surprised to see a hybrid hitting the list of highest insured cars. These cars are pretty quick. Even though they are a hybrid, they can still keep up with some of the faster cars. The BMW 750Li Hyrbid is purchased at a base price of a little over $100,000. This is enough reason by itself to land the car an expensive insurance bill.

When it comes to insurance companies, the things they care about most are the speed, price tag and notoriety behind the car. If you want to avoid high monthly rates, you might want to consider a lower profile car.

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The top 5 most affordable cars to insure

The top 5 most affordable cars to insure


After you pay your car insurance are you worried about being able to pay your other bills? If you feel like it is time to pay less in insurance, it may be time for a new car.  There are a wide variety of cars that are cheaper to ensure than others. Here are some of the most popular…


  1. The Chrysler Town and Country – As a minivan, this car is definitely not going to fulfill the wants of someone that is looking for a hot rod.  But, the car is dependable and safe.  The risks of driving this van are minimal.  Therefore, the insurance is cheap.
  2. The Mazda Tribute – This mid-size SUV provides great handling and is a safe vehicle to drive in.
  3. The Saturn Vue – This mid-size SUV has a wheel base that makes the car very safe.  It handles well and does not have an excessive amount of horsepower.
  4. Kia Rio5 – This four door car is quick and handles well, but scores well on safety ratings.
  5. The Kia Sportage – This SUV has high safety ratings and also provides drivers with the protection that comes when driving a mid-size vehicle.


So, instead of continuing to empty your wallet every month when your car insurance bill is due, you may want to look into investing in a new car.  Investing in a new car can be exciting and in the long run, you may end up saving money on your monthly costs.


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Want to quit? Start exercising!

You’ve been told a thousand times, “You should quit!” and you know that it’s true, but doing it is so much different than saying it.  There are many people that feel that there is no way they can kick their addiction to tobacco. Even the feeling of the cigarette between your fingers can be difficult to go without. A recent study has shown that exercise is a verifiable and dependable way to help you kick the habit.

First, when you are exercising it is pretty difficult to smoke. So, throughout the time that you are exercising you are going to have to go without a cigarette.  You will also find that exercise is a great way to relieve stress. When you want to smoke because you are stressed, try exercising instead.

Exercise is a great natural remedy to help you stop smoking.  Not only will exercise help you quit smoking, but you will also find that you reap a wide variety of benefits while you are exercising. If you have been gaining weight as a result of a minimized amount of smoking, exercise may help you get those extra pounds off.  You will also be strengthening the muscles throughout your body and you will also be able to sleep better when you exercise during the day.

So, give it a try! All you need to do is head out and exercise for 20-30 minutes at a time, three to four times a week. Of course, before you start any type of exercise regimen, you should talk with your doctor to ensure that your body is cut out for the task.

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How to design a fire escape plan

Creating a workplace fire escape plan is just as important as creating one in your home. Your employees should know what they are to do and where they are to go, in order to stay safe. When you are creating a fire escape plan you should…

  1. Start by creating and distributing an employee contact list along with an employee schedule.  You should know which employees are inside of the building at any given time throughout the day. This way, should there be a fire you will know who is inside and you can verify who was able to make it out safely.
  2. Choose an individual with strong leadership skills to be in charge of directing an emergency evacuation. A chain of command should also be chosen to ensure that there is always someone in charge of getting people out of the building safely.
  3. Create and distribute a map of the entire workplace that has each entry and exit point marked clearly. The maps should be handed out and also posted around the office.
  4. Schedule fire drills on a regular basis. Check the alarms and ensure that employees know where they are supposed to be going when they hear the fire alarms start to go off.
  5. Designate a meeting place a safe distance from the building.
  6. Create an exit plan for all of your employees, ensure that any employee with special needs has an exit plan that they can understand.

Keep your workplace safe and plan for emergencies early. This way, should a fire ever occur in your office place, you will know what to do.

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Are You Prepared for a Blackout?

There are many different situations in which you may find yourself in a total blackout. You may not realize how much you use your electricity, until it is no longer an option to use it. To ensure that you are able to survive, you will want to be prepared. Blackouts are common across the United States for a variety of reasons and you want to know that if you cannot use your electricity you will be able to survive. These steps are a great place to start your preparation…

  1. Buy your emergency supplies early.  Have candles, water, matches, a battery powered heater and non-perishable food on hand.  This way, you will not be scrambling to get to the grocery store when your lights start to flicker. If you have your emergency kits already prepared, you can be confident that you have what you need in your home, to survive.
  2. Have an emergency bag prepared.  If you need to leave your house a result of a power outage, you do not want to have to try to find a warm coat in your basement closet without any light. Have bags packed and ready to go. This way, you can be sure that you are able to focus on getting out safely rather than packing successfully.
  3. Staying warm during the winter months can be difficult if there is a power outage.  Having cardboard precut to fit your windows and warm blankets ready will ensure that you can minimize drafts and keep yourself warm while you are inside of your home.

Don’t leave your survival or your well being up to chance. Take time to prepare yourself and your family now, this way you can be sure that you are protected in the future.

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Your credit behavior affects your insurance premiums!

The anthem for the free credit report commercials may, actually, be worth remembering. Your credit report can have a profound effect on the amount of money you pay to your insurance companies on a monthly basis. Many people do not realize that their credit report can creep into this facet of their financial situation. When you are curious about your insurance premiums, your credit report may be where you want to start your inquiry.

Your credit history and your credit score may affect your health, life, and even auto insurance policies. So, how does it work?

Well, when you have a poor credit rating, many financial institutions and insurance companies see you as a high risk client. An insurance company may use your credit rating to determine whether or not they are going to offer you a policy for the type of insurance you are working for. They may also use your credit score when they are deciding how they are going to rate your premium.

Checking your credit score consistently, to ensure it is accurate may end up helping with the cost of insurance! If you do not have a high credit score, work on paying your bills on time and trying to spend within your means.  Getting yourself out of debt and working to budget properly is a great way to ensure that you will see a positive change in your credit score over the upcoming years.

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How to get employees to exercise

When you institute a company fitness program, you may be able to increase the health of your employees.  There are many benefits to having healthier employees. There will be less work days, less disability, less doctor’s visits and even less workplace injuries! So, after you institute the program you just have to make sure your employees are excited. That may sound easier said than done, but there are a lot of ways that you can motivate your employees.

  • Have your employees draw names for teams and start a team competition. You can create more office interaction and give everyone the chance to compete for a prize.
  • Create a weight-loss challenge.  This challenge should be based on percentage of weight that needs to be lost, actually being lost. You do not want to promote unhealthy eating habits.
  • Create a challenge for getting outside and exercising. Track hours of exercising or steps taken and see who has done the most.

No matter what kind of challenge you come up with, you should be working with a fitness professional.  Your office should have a fitness professional that everyone has access to, to ensure that everyone is going about achieving their goals in a healthy manner.

The prize for winning the challenge should also be a healthy incentive. You can choose to award with cash, gift certificates, extra vacation days or even a trip. Work within your budget to find something that people will be willing to work for.  The rules that you set should be clear and you want to make sure that everyone is able to see the quantifiable results as to why the winner is the winner.

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