Trusted Auto Insurance Coverage in Southern California, San Diego

Auto Insurance in Southern CaliforniaCIG West Coast Insurance Center of San Diego, CA provides comprehensive protection in the event you or someone else is injured in an auto accident in which you are being held legally liable. Our auto insurance keeps safe drivers safe in San Diego, CA and across the state of California, and with all of the options we can provide you with, we make certain that both you and your vehicle have the correct amount of auto insurance coverage.

At CIG West Coast we insure safe drivers in San Diego, Ca like you, which makes it so that we are able to keep rates affordable while providing you with the best coverage possible. We pride ourselves in also being able to to provide superior customer service. We make sure that only those with a safe driving record in San Diego, CA and across California qualify for CIG’s car insurance policies. Our goal in the end is to make sure that we encouragw and reward those who drive safe and responsibly.

Stop by today and see how much we can save you on your car insurance. Our office is located at:

CIG West Coast Insurance Center
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San Diego CA 92108

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Comprehensive auto insurance coverage in San Diego, which includes collision coverage, is usually all the auto insurance coverage people need. With this coverage you have an extensive coverage that is for the various damages your vehicle may experience. In the event you do hace to hace a covered repair, CIG West Coast Insurance Center goes out of our way to make sure that you the highest quality brand name replacement parts foer your vehicle. Most of the other insurance companies will only pay for generic parts and have you cover the differnce if you want the higher quality parts. CIG auto insurance San Digo will go above and beyond other insurance companies and in some cases we will also covers you for certain lost wages and bail bonds that are related to an accident or traffic violations. We will also help protect you against other drivers that do not choose to carry any insurance or that may not have enough insurance to you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

At CIG West Coast Insurance, we take pride in your safety and in the quality of your coverage. We understand that each person is unique, that each person is in a different stage in their life, and that eveyone is in thier own unique situation. That is why at CIG West Coast we get to know you as an individual, and customize an auto insurance policy for you to meet your exact needs.

Get the coverage that fits your lifestyle:

  • Call today and ask us how you can get a customized insurance policy that fits your needs and lifestyle.
  • Let us see what discount opportunities are available for you that can help lower your rates.
  • Find out which deductible amount will work best for you and your budget.
  • Take the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars with your free membership in The Protector Network, available exclusively from CIG. 

CIG West Coast can also provide you with the AutoCard 100 which gives you free “come-to-you” support services:

  • The CIG AutoCard 100-mile towing and roadside emergency services goes above and beyond to make sure that you get you back home as soon as possible. Most standard auto club membership will only tow you for up to 25 miles in most cases, this is of course unless you are willing to pay extra for thier more expensive membership. Where the 100-mile range, CIG’s AutoCard will get you wherever you need to be.
  • We also understand that there is only 24 hours in a day and sometimes that is just not enough to get everything you need done. That is why CIG Auto Glass Repair Service will travel right to your car where ever you may be to fix your windshield. We will do everything we can to fix youe cracked or broken windshield right on the spot or we will replace the entire thing for free. That is right at CIG West Coast we waive the deductible for glass repair, so you pay nothing.
  • When you look for a great auto insurance company you are probably going to look for one that will be there for you when you need them, not just in the event you are in an accident. Other car insurance companies only help when you’ve had an accident. CIG West Coast Insurance Center believes that you should not only be protected from major accidents but that you also shouldn’t have to sweat the small stuff. Whether you need a jump start, locked your keys in your car, have a flat tire, are out of fuel or oil, or need any other minor mechanical fixes made, you can depend on CIG’s AutoCard 100 to be there to help you out.

Available Auto Insurance coverage in San Diego, CA and all of Southern California includes:

  • Collision damage or loss
  • Non-collision incidents, which are things that may damage your var through glass breakage, fire, vandalism, or falling objects.
  • Medical payments expenses — for drivers and passengers while getting into, out of, or inside covered vehicle;  and for insured drivers outside of a vehicle as a pedestrian, or while occupying another vehicle
  • Injuries to driver, passengers, people in other vehicles, pedestrians
  • Damage to auto body, doors, glass, exterior, trailers, interior, installed equipment, contents in auto and trunk
  • Guest drivers protected at the same limits as the name insured
  • Rented or borrowed cars
  • New car replacement in CA or OR only (if the vehicle has less than 15K miles and is less than 12 months old)
  • Coverage zone: The U.S. which includes the territories and your possessions. Also including Puerto Rico, Canada, with coverage availabe also in Mexico.
  • Liability protection wich will help protect you in event you are sued or in the event you are held liable for any bodily injury or cause any property damage to another.
  • Uninsured/under-insured protection
  • Expense reimbursements for:
    - loss of income or expenses if injured
    - bail bonds due to traffic violation/incident
    - transportation after accident